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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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***My blog is now located at terrencechanpoker.com. Please visit me there!***

Hi, I'm Terrence. People probably know me best for being a high-limit pro poker player. These days, I have gone from a high-level poker player to a low-level martial artist. I made a bunch of money over the years playing poker, but despite this, I started to notice I was substantially happier when I was taking breaks from poker and training in the gym.

Put another way, the money I made from poker enabled me a life without it, and the freedom to be able to do whatever I wanted in the world. For me, that turned out to be training in martial arts, and traveling the world. And occasionally playing poker when it seems fun.

So, that is the idea behind this blog. I travel, I live, I experience, and sometimes I write. I make no promises that I do any of those things well.

I may occasionally blog about professional mixed martial arts (aka "that Ultimate Fighting stuff"), politics, economics, food/nutrition, general gambling and casinos, or random other things that might be going on in my life.

This is what I may look like when I'm playing poker:

Yes, the apple is because I'm Terrence Chan, not Johnny Chan.

Friend me at will, if you find what I write interesting. There is no need to ask permission to add me. De-friend me at will as well. Neither has any significant bearing on my LJ experience, so please don't concern yourself with how I might feel about your decision.

Note to webmasters: I have received a number of requests regarding advertising and link exchanges for this blog. At this time I have decided not to host any ads or links here. Thanks for your interest.

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