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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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channeling my inner Stu Ungar
I'm all over the board on the UFC 117 card.

3u on Roy Nelson +296
2.04u on Dustin Hazelett -108
2u on Jon Fitch +121
.853u on Anderson Silva -427
4.8u on Hughes/Almeida over 2.5 rounds -160
1.78u on Dos Anjos/Guida over 2.5 rounds -178
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I dunno, she's gotta be like 110 lbs, tops. Probably giving up a lot of size to random Sherdog poster, albeit with better cardio.

Serious answer: I have no quantitative tools at all. I just watch a lot of tape and think about fighting a lot.

well, I've had better nights.

It could have been worse - at least Silva pulled it out at the last second.

Hughes vs Almeida loss must have been harsh...who knew Hughes could finish a fighter that was in his 40's and a Gracie. I guess he can just finish Gracie fighters.


Sorry I didn't know where to post this but I think I found a photo of you in a ring.


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