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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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Oh, and I have a tattoo
I meant to post this a while ago, but I have a tattoo. Have since March. I didn't post right away because I wanted to surprise some people, but by now most people have seen it anyway (Bill's annual Las Vegas pool party and all).

I've had this particular tattoo idea for a long time, at least a couple of years. I was never going to get a tattoo that had anything to do with poker or jiujitsu or fighting. All those things are important to me, but just seem kind of lame to have as tattoos (for me; no offense intended to anyone else). I wanted something that it was unlikely very many people had, and at the same time, I wanted it to be significant. So what kinds of ideas shape my life philosophy, or the way I think? Well, I think I managed it on all fronts:

(More here.)

Definitely my life outlook is shaped by the ideas of statistical expectation and variance right? And yeah, I could have done a lot of different functions, but normal curves are pretty.

Anyway, several months later, I'm pretty happy with it. I've received a lot of compliments on it, even from people who don't get what it is. Actually, those people are typically even more curious about it because they've never seen a tattoo anything remotely like that. And the target demographic (math geeks and those who hang around math geeks) loves it, too: Jerrod interrupted a phone conversation with Michelle by saying, "...aaaand Terrence has a normal curve tattooed on his chest." "Why? Because he's awesome."

But I think the best description (and compliment!) came from Hoss, who said, "that has to be the nerdiest meatheadiest thing I have ever seen." Yeah, that's about right. I'm definitely a little meatheady and nerdy, so this seems like the perfect thing to have on my body.

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I normally don't like tattoos but -- damn, now I kinda want that as a tramp stamp, LOL!

More nerdy

If you had the extreme value distribution or Cauchy or something not so . . .normal. It's not accurate for most populations anyway.

Way to totally read the post.

Re: More nerdy

My bad. I skim blog posts, which is why I don't typically reply.

Cool. Since I'm a statistician, I can't get such a tattoo because that would be like a pro poker player getting a tattoo of pocket aces.

Agreed! If I were more hardcore, this would have long dropped off the cliff into the abyss of lame.

(Deleted comment)
UFC 265lb champion: swordpenis
UFC Expo 140lb blue belt runner-up: distributionpenis

Seems about right.

As an asset manager and poker player I really like it.

Before I saw the pics I couldn't think of anything which I though would be really cool (likely why I'm still looking for the right one for myself for the 15th year running or so). But, awesome ink :-)

Very unique!!! Hope u enjoy your new ink.

That also work nicely as an intelligence test. If your doctor asks you what it is, you know it's time for a new doctor.

As tattoos go, that one is reasonably entertaining.

From a technical perspective, what did you do to work up the art and get the tattooist to render it correctly? I don't know a lot about tattooing, but this seems like something where you could hardly order it out of the usual flash samples, and where leaving the design up to the artist would not work.

Also, you don't seem to qualify for the Science Tattoo Emporium (are +EV gamblers "statistical engineers"?), but it seems pertinent nonetheless.

Sorry Ryan, I hadn't realized I left this comment dangling.

First, I did a lot of Google searching to find a n-dist that I found aesthetically pleasing. I messed around a bit in Seashore/MS Paint (I am not a graphics person by any means) to play around with different colour schemes and such. I edited out the superfluous stuff I didn't like, added some stuff from other graphs I did like.

Printed it out, went to the tattoo shop, asked the artist girl to do that but with fonts that were a little more artsy/pretty, leaving that to her discretion. Together we decided on the colour and other details. Then I sat in the chair for an hour and grit my teeth.

Some people will focus on the "normal" curve... I will elect to focus on the not one, but TWO standard deviations you've got representin'

I like it.

I like it alot.

Well managed on all fronts, and on all fonts. Well played.

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