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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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Out of the LHE shootout
Laaaaaaaaame. That's basically how to describe my second table. I think I won one showdown. Otherwise, it was just massive failure to make any hands. I didn't take any big horrible beats for a lot of chips; I just failed to make pairs, draws or anything. It was a really frustrating way to bleed off chips for 3.5 hours.

My table draw was fantastic. I suspect I had the best table left in the tournament. Usually you think in a shootout tournament, the second table should usually be fairly tough, since the shootout format tends to weed out the worst players. But there were two guys at the table about whom I thought, "how the hell did these guys ever win a table?" Their play was absolutely atrocious and I can only imagine the heater these guys had to be on to win their respective first tables. The other six guys seemed to be of varying levels of competence. Overall it was a great table.

I was a beneficiary of the incredibly retarded payout structure, which pays $5055 for winning the first table, and $7526 for 9th place. So you get $5055 for winning your first table, and $2471 for winning your second table. Huh? Also, for some totally bizarre reason, 4th pays $69k and 5th plays $33k. 'Cause it totally makes sense to have a massive bubble for 4th place.

I can't believe that I've cashed five times in this WSOP and have lost money. You have no idea how incredibly lame this makes me feel. I'm not a nit, I swear.

gl to Michelle and Prock. Leave me behind, and carry the flag to the summit!

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If you hadn't played some events when you didn't really feel like it you might have been plus for the tournement ;-)

Death Donkey was telling me about someguy 4betting 52s pf... lol

It was nice meeting you

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