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wtf purchase of the day
I somehow lost my shoes camping. So today, I wandered into the New Balance store. And bought these, because I am incredibly lame.

I don't even know if they'll work out as a running shoe, but they're so ridiculous I couldn't help myself.

That is actually embarassing.

I know. I think the lime green adds a lot, don't you?

Have you ever seen the custom-made cowboy boots I had done about five years ago?


wtf, quads over quads?! Footwear is so rigged.

A friend of mine emailed me a link to a similar pair. I replied that no self respecting poker player would ever wear shoes like those. I guess I was wrong. :-))))

About the shoes, or me having respect for myself?

Oh my! I'm at a loss for words . . .

Those are completely fucking awesome!

Through the N in the logo.

Re: Tipping your hand;)

DO NOT RUN IN THOSE! Just a warning from a current college track athlete.

I'm usually on the receiving end of ridiculous poker items, not the purchasing end.

Well, after you win a bracelet this year (make sure it is a televised event), sign them and put them up on ebay. I'm really curious about how much a fanboy would pay for these. You can donate the money to http://www.shopaholicsanonymous.org/ to save others from the obvious problem you have. BTW, note the first name of the founder.... :)

Ridiculously AWESOME!
Ex approved!

Sweet. Can I wear it with my blazer? :D

Congratulations. Your ridiculous shoes made it into my dreams last night.

Oh wow.


Now I've seen everything.

You should start wearing them to every poker competition you go to.

They can be your lucky green(-ish) shoes!


Those are 4 King good shoes Terrence!

I'm awarding you Scottro's COTD by proxy.

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Those shoes are amazing.

Now you just need to find a pair of Crocs with a similar design. Then you will truly win.


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