July 29th, 2006

WSOP Event #39 -- $10000 NLHE main event

Well, the voice posts (with my comments for some corrections on stuff where I was unclear) tell most of the story. I did mean to mention in my last post but didn't have time that I thought I played really well today. Actually this might have been my best 6 hours of poker for the whole WSOP, probably including the three days of Event #13. I liked all the decisions I made today, whether I won the pot or lost. I felt on virtually every flop I did the right thing. I got unlucky that one guy made two flushes against me (this is the opponent from the KK/TT hand and also the flush/T8 hand; he also made flush-over-flush against me in the third level), and somewhat "unlucky" that Randy made the AK call against me. But overall I felt really zoned in for the first time in a few tournaments, which felt nice. It kinda makes me sad to go out before getting a chance to go deep, but that's the way it goes.

On the other hand I have been kinda looking forward to busting out, in a weird way. I'm pretty burned out of tournaments; I'm glad the WSOP is done so I can just kinda kick back and relax at home or out with friends. I'll play some internet poker and avoid the zoo at the Rio, go to the gym, do all that normal routine stuff. I wish I could have hit a big score this year, but tournaments are structured such that you will lose a lot more often than you win. I guesstimate that if I continue to play the WSOP every year for the rest of my poker career, I'll probably have a losing WSOP over 60% of the time, and just occasionally hit a huge score. So booking a small win for the year will have to do just fine.

Will I play more tournaments in the future? Hard to say yet. I want to take a few steps back for now. These are kinda fun, and they do have value, but not as much value as I get out of just playing online poker for similar hours. They're also very tiring, and with the start times and the loss of ability to just play as long as you feel like whenever you feel like, it seems dangerously close to a job for me. We'll see how it goes.