July 28th, 2006

Voice Post: First Update

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“Uh, this is the first update at the first break. I have 8375. I haven't played any significant pots other than, uh, one pot basically over a thousand chips, and basically I flopped a straight draw and turned a flush draw, but the stacks are too deep for me to really effectively jam at it and I lost a showdown to A-high, which really sucks.

Um. My table is really bad. Um..it's really tight and a lot of hands are just ready to take it before the flop which I didn't expect. It's just a lousy table. Um, There's Randy Holland in the 2-seat and a guy that Matt Matros knows who's good in the 8 seat. Um I don't know anybody else, but that's what my table looks like.

And Um... yeah I haven't seen anybody do anything really stupid. Usually by now in every World Series event, at least uh, 2 people have done something just monstrously stupid, and that hasn't happened.

Um. This one guy at my table who flopped a set of tens, against an AK on a KTx flop, got all his money in, he went all in, uh he won, he was very relieved, he went on a break for like 20 minutes. I thought that was kind of amusing.

Umm. but that's prety much all that's going on, um, hope to have more chips at the next update.”

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Voice Post:

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“We’re at the second break now there’s some good news to report. I’m up to 14500.

I got a double up when, uh, there’s an early position raise…guy looks really familiar to me but I don’t know from where. He raised 300, got a cold call, I made 1500, he calls…I made it 1500 with kings from the BB. He calls, uh, first guy calls also…the cold-caller calls also.

Um, the flop comes down 764 with two hearts. I bet 1500, he min-raises me to 3000. I move in for my 7000. He calls. He has TT and doesn’t improve, so I doubled up. Uh, boring level for me otherwise, um, the table is starting to loosen up but it’s, uh, still not a great table. I think, um, I, ya know, despite some…I’ve seen a couple poor plays now but I still think I got a worse than average table draw. That’s it. See you at the third break.”

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Voice Post:

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“It is now the dinner break. I have 18,500 so that's some good news. I really got most of it all in one hand. There's a hand where I raised from two off the button with J8 of hearts. I got cold called on the button. I probably should have folded because he actually capped his cards before I acted. Anyways, he's the only caller and the flop comes gin for me - QT9 with 2 hearts. So I flopped the second nut straight with a flush draw. I bet at it, he raises substantially, I move all in for about his last 3600-4000, something like that. He thinks for a while and calls with K9, which is bottom pair and a 1 card gutshot. But that was pretty cool, he obviously missed and he busted and that's most of the story about how I have 18,000 in chips. So, ya know, I'm at the dinner break now, and that will be all.”

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Voice Post: Everything that could go bad in that level did go bad

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“I'm down to 2,500. One of the first few hands back, Randy Holland raises to 600. I cold call on the button with A7 of clubs. Heads up, the flop comes down AQ8 with two clubs. He bets 1,100, I raise to 3,000, he raises to 5,500, I jam, we both started the hand with 18,000. He goes in the tank, they call the clock on him, he calls with six seconds remaining, he has AK and I fail to improve. I like the way I played the hand, I don't like the way he played the hand, given that he did have the best hand because he's just trusting (can't make this part out) but whatever, that's that. So, Im down to 3,600, go all in a few times, you know, pay the blinds a few times. I get doubled up, I move in with AJ and get called by KQ and I survive that and I'm up to 7,000 and then I was all the way back to 9,000 but then the very last hand before the break, I open for 600 on the button with T8, the big blind calls, the flop comes 886 with two hearts. I have the ten of hearts. He checks, I bet 600 he calls. The turn is another heart, like the four of hearts. He bets 1,000 I call, the river is a jack, he bets 1,500 I call, and that's how Im at 2500.

So, I could say the end is imminent but, you know, it may not be.”

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Voice Post:

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“And that does it for my 2006 world series. I actually had an interesting decision on my last hand. I had exactly 2400. UTG makes it exactly 1200 and is called in four spots and is about to be in the big blind. I can make it a legal re-min to open action so that is what I decide to do and I make it 2400. Unfortunately, UTG does not cooperate and reraise, so everybody calls. So, I would have been, like you know, 14,000 if I won the hand, but I didn't. I had QT suited by the way, that's what I had. The flop came king high, the UTG bettor had AK anyways so it really wouldn't have mattered. So that's my world series, this is the last update, and I'll comment more in text when I get back to my computer.

Thats it for this year, thanks for listening. Bye.”

Transcribed by: davidjacob