July 27th, 2006

The day before the main event

I'm playing Day 1A, i.e. Friday (tomorrow) of the main event. There's a saying - I think attributed to Doyle - that the day you're knocked out of the main event of the WSOP is the worst day of the year. Now, Doyle's played 36 WSOP MEs and I've only played two, but my experience has been thusfar different. I think the worst day of my year, poker-wise, is almost certainly the day I lose the most money. And these days, that's certainly never going to be a tournament (nor will it be for Doyle, but I guess he feels more nostalgia towards the event...). But it's one of the most fun days of the year, for sure, and it's sad when it ends. Here's to hoping that won't be tomorrow!

Today I'll almost certainly be hanging out at home doing nothing. I may get a massage. I may go to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, although I'm kinda tired. I was up until 5am last night, of all things, watching Jerrod and Jim Feldhouse take two hours to set up the Axis and Allies game board just so Jim could attempt to be the first person in a thousand years to successfully invade the British isles, fail, and surrender - on his first turn. I awoke at 11am, and was about to go back to sleep until realizing that I can't stay up until 5am again tonight, since if all goes well I'll be playing from noon until midnight on Friday. So I forced myself up, and will drag myself through the day until about 2am or so.

gl to everyone in the main event!