July 24th, 2006

Do you drive like me?

I'm a freak about saving time. I do a lot of stuff to save time. Downtime abhors me. Here's an example.

Let's say you're driving to a destination that is say, ten blocks north and ten blocks west. Let's further say that all of the streets in the 10x10 grid are pretty homogenous, so there is no "fastest route".

Suppose you're headed north. As you are about say, 8 seconds away from the intersection, the light at it turns yellow.

Do you make your decision whether to continue straight or turn left based on whether the upcoming intersection has an advanced left turn light?

If so, you drive like me.

WSOP Event #36 -- $1500 LHE shootout

Started off with a fantastic table draw. Not in that there were poor players there, but that there weren't players there! At the 9-handed table, only four of us showed up on time. I stole the first two blinds, and we took turns stealing blinds, with me taking a few extra turns. Chris Moneymaker showed up about 15 minutes late to make it 5-handed. We played 5-handed for over two full levels when we finally got our sixth player. But we never got above 6-handed; three players simply did not show up, which I thought was simply amazing.

I got massacred for the first two levels. One player in particular just held over me. I flopped top pair with AQ, he flopped a flush. I flopped top pair again, he had AA. I had AA, he flopped a set. I managed to be down to 750 during the first level (25-25 blinds, 25-50 limit), which is pretty impressive. I only ran half as well as I ran poorly in the first level during the second level, but that was okay since the limits were double. I got to the first break at 1425 after a big rollercoaster.

I continued to run well after the break. The 100-200 level was good to me. This is when the sixth player showed up. On his first hand I raised from the cutoff with QJ and he 3-bet from the button. I flopped a queen, and check-called the whole way; he made a flush. But I got it back the next orbit when I raised his SB with 44, he called, check-raised the flop and I called down again to make a flush with the four of hearts, including a value bet in position on the river. I made another good value bet with J8 on a KQJxx board against the guy who was holding over me. I made two pair against Moneymaker and the guy on my left and won a nice pot as well, peaking at probably about 4400 or so.

Things started to go bad midway through the 150-300 level. 4-handed, I raised with 66 on the button, holdover guy called from big blind. [J42]kbc;[5]bc;[Q]bc and I lose to AQ. Then Moneymaker raised, I 3-bet from the SB with QT, BB folded, Chris 4-bet, I called. [QT9]kbrrc;[J]kk;[J]kbc and he has AJ. Finally, I raise utg with ATs, Moneymaker calls from the BB, [963]kbc;[8]bc;[K]bc and I lose to KT. That pretty much does it.

Pretty disappointing; everything seemed to be going well once it got 4-handed, then it kinda all went bad at once. Guess barring a massive miracle, there will be no bracelet for 2006. Oh well, still a winning series overall!