July 16th, 2006

WSOP Event #25 - $2000 NLHE shootout - I suck so bad

This is not your typical "I suck" story. This is much worse.

25-50 level. I'm rolling along nicely, playing pretty good, maybe missing a couple decisions but overall doing the right thing. I'm looking to get on track after a couple of uninspired (if not truly bad) tournaments.

SB open-raises to 150. I make it 450 with red KK. He calls. Flop A23 two diamonds. He checks, I check. Turn is like an 8d. He checks, I bet 500, he calls. River is another diamond. He goes to his stack and bets 600 with 825 behind. I raise him all-in. The second I do so I realize that the one card on board that is not a diamond is the ace. It's the ace of clubs. I realize instantly that I'm fucked. He double-checks his hand and calls.

I do manage to do two things correctly: I manage to not make a comment like "oh I misread the board". My image now is clearly "idiot", not good player, so I might as well work off of that. Secondly on the very next hand, Todd Brunson makes it 150 to go and I sell the "I'm going all-in because I hate life and I'm angry" all-in for 750 and he calls with K9s. He hits KT9 on the flop and I miss.

But fuck I am angry. I haven't done something that dumb in many many years. And now that makes it two tournaments in a row that I've played poorly. I very very rarely play poorly. I may not be a fantastic player or anything, but I almost always play as well as I'm capable of playing.


Enough about how bad I suck, here's the juicy stuff that everyone loves.

About 15 minutes in the tournament, Harry Demitriou completely blew up. I was about six tables away from him, but I could hear him yelling and shouting at floormen. I just couldn't figure out about what. The players appeared to side with him though, because at one point after he finished yelling he got a round of applause by the surrounding table. Finally he was booted from the tournament, his stack was picked up and he was escorted out by security. I overheard a floorman tell the security guard, "take him to where you would take someone who's done a very bad thing." Apparently Harry was mad in this case about it being a 6-handed shootout, but I'm sure it's the culmination of his frustrations with this year's WSOP.

A few hands before my brain fart, I pick up As6s and raise to 150. The dealer says to me, "can you take a look at your bottom card?" Sure enough there's a mark on it. It looks like black ink, a blot about a half cm in diameter. I scratch at it and most but not all of it comes off. Everyone folds and I look to see which of the two cards it is. Yup, we had a marked ace of spades.