July 13th, 2006

Yes, it's over

As some of you might know already if you read her blog, it is indeed over between Jacqueline and I, as of early yesterday morning.

A lot's going through my head, I suppose, but I've spent most of the day trying to distract myself. I've been out with friends all day, trying to think and talk about everything other than this. Tomorrow is the $2500 NL 6-max. I really enjoyed the last 6-max tournament, and I hope this will be as fun. I'm really just hoping poker will distract me from thinking about all of this stuff. I might not be on my "A" game, but that's the way it goes.

WSOP Event #21 - NLHE 6-max

Really surprised that the field - or at least my starting tables - were as weak as they were. I suppose the HORSE event too up some of the good players and diluted the field a bit, but this was way softer than a couple weeks ago despite the field being almost the same size. I played a lot of hands today, even more than shorthanded would dictate. I was just picking up lots of cards. I wish I'd pick up this many starting cards in full-game NLHE! It'd be a lot less boring!

My day was pretty short. I peaked at about 4800 but was short most of the day. Right off the bat I got myself stuck. In the SB I open-raised to 75 with AsTs and was called by the BB. The flop came T83 with two diamonds and I bet 100 and was called. The turn was a 6d. I bet 150 and was raised to 500. I called. The river was yet another diamond, I checked, my opponent bet 1200, and I folded.

I also lost another pot in the 25-25 level when 2-off raised to 75, I re-raised to 300 straight with JJ, and he pushed back all-in. I folded and he did not show.

Things went better for me when I broke to my second table. On one of the first hands I play, the cutoff raises to 150 (25-50 level now), the button calls, and I make it 450 with KK. Cutoff thinks and calls, button folds. The flop comes 4-5-J with two clubs. I move in my last 900 and he calls with Ac3c. I dodge all 15 outs twice and am back in the game.

I play kind of a weird hand that I definitely don't like. After two people limp in and the SB completes, I raise to 175 with AA. Both limpers call and the SB folds. The flop comes Q8x with two clubs. I bet 300 and they both call. The turn is a K. I check and it gets checked around. The river is a J. I check, it gets checked around, I sheepishly show my fishy play.

Just before the first break, Jesse Jones takes a bad beat. The table lunatic in the cutoff raises to 150. Jesse makes it 450 and the lunatic calls. The flop comes something like 9-9-3. Jesse bets, lunatic raises all-in, Jesse calls and shows KK, lunatic has 44 but spikes a 4.

Moved yet again. This table seems more competent than both of the previous. But then something interesting happens. One of the players who moved with me from the other table gets involved in a small, uninteresting pot. I'd had him pegged as a reasonably good, experienced player. On this hand the board is 9-2-2-K-x. It goes check-check on the river. The guy I thought was good verbally declares, "nine" (but does not show his hand). The late position guy, upon hearing this, shows his Q9. First position mucks! I re-read the board three times to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm looking around the table for reactions but none of the players seem to react at all. I think I caught a twinge of realization in the dealer's eyes, but to his credit he simply mucked the first position player's hand and pushed the pot to the Q9.

In the 50-100 level I open in the SB for 300. The BB calls. The flop comes 632. I bet 400 and he moves all-in. I fold, he shows Q5 without comment. I suppose that's supposed to tilt me or make me stop raising his blind.

The level goes up to 100-200 and I'm now in push/fold territory with around 1600 or so. I push four times with AK, AQs, 77 and 33. Wouldn't you know it, when I finally get called I have A6 and am up against JJ. No help comes and I'm done.

A pretty uninspired effort on my part, which is too bad because I really do like this event. Oh well, one more of them.