July 10th, 2006

WSOP Event #17 - $1000 donkfest ^H^H^H NLHE

Okay, I don't make it a habit to use terms like "donkfest", but somehow it seems appropriate for this one. Here's a hand from the first couple orbits.

25-25. 1500 chips to start (more on this later). I don't remember the preflop action but there's a blind, a player in early position and a player in late position. The flop comes down K32. The blind bets 75, the early position player raises to 325, the button cold-calls and the blind folds. Turn is a 4. Check-check. River is a 5. So K2345 is the board. Early position checks. Button bets maybe 400. Early position goes all-in. Button calls and turns over 65. Early position turns over KJ! nhswp, gg.

50-100. Player in middle position limps for 100 out of his 800 stack. Late position player with many chips limps. SB folds. I am in the BB with KQ. I move all-in for my 1100. Middle position calls, late folds. I show, middle position shows .... KT! Nothing on the board and I bust him.


I so did not want to play today. My heart was totally not in it. Nonetheless, $1000 in equity is $1000 in equity. So I tried hard not to try hard to bust out. :) I played reasonably though.

My main hands of note other than that today were basically all move-ins. I came over the top of a raise to 500 in the 50-100 level with 77, making it 2400, then sucked out on AA. Then I am moved in the 100-200 level. My first hand at this table, I pick up AKs utg and make it 500. Folded around to the big blind who moves me in. I have 3000 and call. He has QQ and I flop a king. Woo, 6100! A little while later I pick up AK again. This time a middle position player raises to 600. I make it 1700. He moves all-in for a total of 4000 and I call. He has 99, and this time I am unable to pair. That brings me down to 700. I fold the three hands before the ante round kicks in, and move in on the first hand after the break with K9s and lose to AQ.


Highlight of the day. An announcement comes some time during the second level. One of the TDs announce that this being a $1000 event, we should have started with 1000 in chips. However (their words now), "management decided to give you guys a gift and start you all with 1500 chips, so let's give them a hand!" The announcement was met by loud, genuine applause. Amazing. I hope they make an announcement during the $50000 HORSE event that management decided that instead of juicing them $5000 they generously decided to only juice $3000.


Final table of the $1000 rebuy started up at 2pm. "Captain" Tom Franklin has a cheering section that is boisterously cheering any time he raises preflop and steals the blinds and antes. I shit you not. I am glad I got out of there before he actually managed to win after the flop.