July 7th, 2006

Terrence made it to the dinner break in WSOP event 13 with $12,000 in chips

Jacqueline here. Terrence made it to the dinner break in today's event (a $2500 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament) with $12,000 in chips. Card Player's chip count page shows the average stack at about $10,000 so Terrence is a little above average. (They're not showing Terrence's chip count yet on that page.)

I asked him to message me with his chip counts on the breaks and will update this post when he does. You can also check Card Player's live updates log for information on how many players are left (he needs to make it to at least 99th place to make the money).

Go Terrence!!!

Update 9:35 PM: Card Player is reporting Terrence's chip count now and he is currently 11th in chips!

Update 10:10 PM: Terrence reports that he has 26,500 in chips.

Update 12:45 AM: If I'm reading the Card Player website correctly, Terrence is in the money and going on to day 2!!!