terrencechan (terrencechan) wrote,

In Atlantic City!

This post coming you from the Taj; specifically njchick's room (though I have no idea where she is right now). I'm here, but I'm totally wiped. I was planning to sleep on the plane but that never really happened, so I'm coming up on 36 sleepless hours. Luckily (sorta) the 2-hour drive down the Garden State Parkway from Newark to Atlantic City was sufficiently chaotic to keep me very awake for that part of the trip.

So yeah, both me and my rental car are here in one piece, I at least have an emergency place to crash (I'll still try to get myself a room -- the Taj claims they are sold out, but if they insist I might have to try to test their occupancy claim by putting some coin into their VP machines. I made it in time for the banquet (the ATLARGE banquet is on the first day) where I have been able to see/run into/chat with hgfalling, Michelle, Asya, Goldie, Jodi, Matt Matros and many others and got to watch Nolan Dalla give a highly...entertaining... address. :p

I continue to down caffeine (three coffees and two Diet Cokes in the last two hours) in an attempt to keep myself up until at least 1-2am or so. Oh well, guess it wouldn't be a proper Atlantic City/ATLARGE trip if I'm not totally sleep-deprived.

Atlantic City to-do list:

- Check-raise stupid tourist and take huge pot from him
- Play 300/600 hold'em with poker celebrity
- Eat at noodle bar (without allowing MSG to fuck up my brain more than it already is)

Crossed off Atlantic City to-do list:

- Drive under the "Welcome to Atlantic City" banner while doing that guitar riff (bown...ba down wown...do do do do do doot doot...do do do do do doot doot)


Oh, I also heard Anna Nicole Smith is dying. What, you say she's already dead? And buried, even? Then why the fuck is she on every fucking news channel?!? How is this possible???
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