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“And that does it for my 2006 world series. I actually had an interesting decision on my last hand. I had exactly 2400. UTG makes it exactly 1200 and is called in four spots and is about to be in the big blind. I can make it a legal re-min to open action so that is what I decide to do and I make it 2400. Unfortunately, UTG does not cooperate and reraise, so everybody calls. So, I would have been, like you know, 14,000 if I won the hand, but I didn't. I had QT suited by the way, that's what I had. The flop came king high, the UTG bettor had AK anyways so it really wouldn't have mattered. So that's my world series, this is the last update, and I'll comment more in text when I get back to my computer.

Thats it for this year, thanks for listening. Bye.”

Transcribed by: davidjacob
Tags: poker

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