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Voice Post: Everything that could go bad in that level did go bad

342K 1:34
“I'm down to 2,500. One of the first few hands back, Randy Holland raises to 600. I cold call on the button with A7 of clubs. Heads up, the flop comes down AQ8 with two clubs. He bets 1,100, I raise to 3,000, he raises to 5,500, I jam, we both started the hand with 18,000. He goes in the tank, they call the clock on him, he calls with six seconds remaining, he has AK and I fail to improve. I like the way I played the hand, I don't like the way he played the hand, given that he did have the best hand because he's just trusting (can't make this part out) but whatever, that's that. So, Im down to 3,600, go all in a few times, you know, pay the blinds a few times. I get doubled up, I move in with AJ and get called by KQ and I survive that and I'm up to 7,000 and then I was all the way back to 9,000 but then the very last hand before the break, I open for 600 on the button with T8, the big blind calls, the flop comes 886 with two hearts. I have the ten of hearts. He checks, I bet 600 he calls. The turn is another heart, like the four of hearts. He bets 1,000 I call, the river is a jack, he bets 1,500 I call, and that's how Im at 2500.

So, I could say the end is imminent but, you know, it may not be.”

Transcribed by: davidjacob
Tags: poker

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