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“It is now the dinner break. I have 18,500 so that's some good news. I really got most of it all in one hand. There's a hand where I raised from two off the button with J8 of hearts. I got cold called on the button. I probably should have folded because he actually capped his cards before I acted. Anyways, he's the only caller and the flop comes gin for me - QT9 with 2 hearts. So I flopped the second nut straight with a flush draw. I bet at it, he raises substantially, I move all in for about his last 3600-4000, something like that. He thinks for a while and calls with K9, which is bottom pair and a 1 card gutshot. But that was pretty cool, he obviously missed and he busted and that's most of the story about how I have 18,000 in chips. So, ya know, I'm at the dinner break now, and that will be all.”

Transcribed by: fich
Tags: poker

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