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193K 0:55
“We’re at the second break now there’s some good news to report. I’m up to 14500.

I got a double up when, uh, there’s an early position raise…guy looks really familiar to me but I don’t know from where. He raised 300, got a cold call, I made 1500, he calls…I made it 1500 with kings from the BB. He calls, uh, first guy calls also…the cold-caller calls also.

Um, the flop comes down 764 with two hearts. I bet 1500, he min-raises me to 3000. I move in for my 7000. He calls. He has TT and doesn’t improve, so I doubled up. Uh, boring level for me otherwise, um, the table is starting to loosen up but it’s, uh, still not a great table. I think, um, I, ya know, despite some…I’ve seen a couple poor plays now but I still think I got a worse than average table draw. That’s it. See you at the third break.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: poker

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