terrencechan (terrencechan) wrote,

Voice Post: First Update

252K 1:10
“Uh, this is the first update at the first break. I have 8375. I haven't played any significant pots other than, uh, one pot basically over a thousand chips, and basically I flopped a straight draw and turned a flush draw, but the stacks are too deep for me to really effectively jam at it and I lost a showdown to A-high, which really sucks.

Um. My table is really bad. Um..it's really tight and a lot of hands are just ready to take it before the flop which I didn't expect. It's just a lousy table. Um, There's Randy Holland in the 2-seat and a guy that Matt Matros knows who's good in the 8 seat. Um I don't know anybody else, but that's what my table looks like.

And Um... yeah I haven't seen anybody do anything really stupid. Usually by now in every World Series event, at least uh, 2 people have done something just monstrously stupid, and that hasn't happened.

Um. This one guy at my table who flopped a set of tens, against an AK on a KTx flop, got all his money in, he went all in, uh he won, he was very relieved, he went on a break for like 20 minutes. I thought that was kind of amusing.

Umm. but that's prety much all that's going on, um, hope to have more chips at the next update.”

Transcribed by: pfrimshot
Tags: poker

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