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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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Chinese poker hand for discussion
A couple smart people discussed this in our impromptu Chinese poker home game yesterday.

You are dealt Ah Kh Kd Qc Qs Jh Js Jd Td 6h 5h 3s 3c. How do you play it?

Poll #778835 Chinese poker hand

How do you play Ah Kh Kd Qc Qs Jh Js Jd Td 6h 5h 3s 3c ?

Ah Kh Jh 6h 5h / Js Jd 3s 3c Td / Qc Qs Kd
Jh Js Jd 3s 3c / Kh Kd Td 6h 5h / Qc Qs Ah
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I think I have an authoritative answer from JP Massar. He has an analyzer for Chinese Poker and I know he doesn't read Livejournal, so I emailed him. Anyway, my poll answer was validated by his response to my email. The best setting is the first one; in fact, he said the first option is "significantly better." Basically the difference between one pair in the middle and jacks up in the middle is much greater than the difference between an AK high flush in back and jacks full in the back.

Yeah, I got independent confirmation on the flush/two pair as well. So, poll's closed now. :) thanks for responding to all; I knew when I posted what the right answer was but was curious how people would play it.

Well, I guess I can't close a poll on LJ, so the final voting goes 30-29-1.

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