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Terrence Chan

follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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Fine journalism from CardPlayer
From: http://www.cardplayer.com/tournaments/live_updates/3227/3020?page=1 (may not be a static link).

Tue Jul 25 19:27:00 PDT 2006
Brunson Using Power Poker
Doyle Brunson raises from the cut off position to $1,900 and both blinds fold.

Please do keep us updated if Doyle does win any more blinds with this intriguing "power poker" concept. Is he also eating a sandwich? If so, what kind? Is it sliced horizontally or diagonally?

The very next update:

Tue Jul 25 19:33:00 PDT 2006
10 High Good
Seat 6 raises to $1,250 from under-the-gun, Seat 5 is all-in for his last $2,250 and Seat 6 calls. Seat 5 passes on the draw and seat 6 draws two cards. Seat 5 turns over 7-6-4-3-10 and seat 6 folds.

This is great news. I have a piece of Seat 5. And Seat 6 is kind of an asshole. Hey, does anyone know what Doyle's up to?

And, nothing to do with bad journalism, but just a head-smack for "argh, I guess I should have played in this event:

Tue Jul 25 16:49:00 PDT 2006
Rule Clarifications
Certain players are having a hard time at this year's 2-7 event. One player in particular assumed that the best low possible included the Ace. However, in No Limit 2-7 Single Draw, the best possible hand is 7-5-4-3-2. The Ace is played only high. Also, straights and flushes count against you in this game. So, a player with 7-6-5-4-3 would not be happy with his hand.

Players are having a hard time? Plural? D'oh!
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I hope you aren't backing the superstar who doesn't know the difference between A-5 and 2-7 lowball ;-)

Power Poker is the title of his next book. Duh!

I wonder if they missed the clue in the name of the game?

"What have I been bought into today?" *

"2-7 single draw lowball"

"How does that work?"

* I want to meet his/their backers - I promise to know the mechanics of any event they put me into before it starts. I can't promise to play worth a damn, but I can at least have the decency to know the rules. If these donkeys are self-funded then I want them to back me.

Hey, I was wondering, how exactly do you get into the world series of poker?

"how exactly do you get into the world series of poker? "

Show up with money. Nothing more to it.

lol, alright, so they have it annually in Vegas right? I heard a rumor that it costs 10K to play, is that true too?

I like the fact that the guy entered a $5k R and didn't know the rules. It's not like this was a $1500 NLHE that he was blowing off a bit of money. This is an event where entry expectation would be what, $15k? $25k?

For some reason, I didn't think this year's was a rebuy

although it certainly has in past years. And I'm blocked by my work firewall from looking, so please forgive what might be considered a lazy flame.

Re: For some reason, I didn't think this year's was a rebuy

Chip Leader: David Williams
leading with $159,500
No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/rebuys, $5000 Buy-In
Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 @ 02:00pm PST

Looks like I'd fit right in with the bottom end

of that field. :)

I certainly have a healthy disregard for money, but I sure as hell would know the basic rules for a $5K play. And for a rebuy event, I'd either limit myself to a single bullet or, like, practice for a while.

I frankly can't imagine thinking of even $1500 as "blowing off a bit of money", though I suppose most of the people who go to the WSOP are already inured to putting up $10K for the main event and generally used to playing high and winning.

I can't imagine putting up that kind of money for a tournament without believing I had close to break-even EV. Blowing off $1500 or $5000 in the sense of sometimes tilting or getting a bad run in a situation that's normally break-even or +EV is one thing. Going in knowing you have shit expectation because you don't even know the rules or basic strategy and many of your opponents are pros is a whole other thing. That's like paying $1500 (or $5000 or $15k) for dinner. WTF?


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