terrencechan (terrencechan) wrote,

WSOP Event #36 -- $1500 LHE shootout

Started off with a fantastic table draw. Not in that there were poor players there, but that there weren't players there! At the 9-handed table, only four of us showed up on time. I stole the first two blinds, and we took turns stealing blinds, with me taking a few extra turns. Chris Moneymaker showed up about 15 minutes late to make it 5-handed. We played 5-handed for over two full levels when we finally got our sixth player. But we never got above 6-handed; three players simply did not show up, which I thought was simply amazing.

I got massacred for the first two levels. One player in particular just held over me. I flopped top pair with AQ, he flopped a flush. I flopped top pair again, he had AA. I had AA, he flopped a set. I managed to be down to 750 during the first level (25-25 blinds, 25-50 limit), which is pretty impressive. I only ran half as well as I ran poorly in the first level during the second level, but that was okay since the limits were double. I got to the first break at 1425 after a big rollercoaster.

I continued to run well after the break. The 100-200 level was good to me. This is when the sixth player showed up. On his first hand I raised from the cutoff with QJ and he 3-bet from the button. I flopped a queen, and check-called the whole way; he made a flush. But I got it back the next orbit when I raised his SB with 44, he called, check-raised the flop and I called down again to make a flush with the four of hearts, including a value bet in position on the river. I made another good value bet with J8 on a KQJxx board against the guy who was holding over me. I made two pair against Moneymaker and the guy on my left and won a nice pot as well, peaking at probably about 4400 or so.

Things started to go bad midway through the 150-300 level. 4-handed, I raised with 66 on the button, holdover guy called from big blind. [J42]kbc;[5]bc;[Q]bc and I lose to AQ. Then Moneymaker raised, I 3-bet from the SB with QT, BB folded, Chris 4-bet, I called. [QT9]kbrrc;[J]kk;[J]kbc and he has AJ. Finally, I raise utg with ATs, Moneymaker calls from the BB, [963]kbc;[8]bc;[K]bc and I lose to KT. That pretty much does it.

Pretty disappointing; everything seemed to be going well once it got 4-handed, then it kinda all went bad at once. Guess barring a massive miracle, there will be no bracelet for 2006. Oh well, still a winning series overall!
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