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WSOP Event #29 -- $2500 PLHE

Oh lordy this was frustrating. And usually I don't describe tournaments that way.

In the words of Paul Phillips, I went into this one determined to play good. For the first two hours it didn't work as I did a couple weird things before the first break. Fortunately I picked up hands in a couple spots and got myself up to about 4000 by the first break. The table was a bit nutty early on as a couple guys dumped off chips in the stupidest of ways; for example on a board of like Q873Q with a flush possible, one guy bet, another raised, the first guy shoved, the second guy called and the hands turned over were Q4 and AA, respectively. John Phan also showed up determined to go bust in three hands, and succeeded. Men Nguyen also came by to dust off his stack in a pot he shouldn't have played.

I briefly ran it up to about 6000, but was back down again to 4800 by the second break. There were no real interesting hands; the cards more or less played themselves for the most part.

With blinds 200-400 I lost an all-in pot with AK vs. AQ against a young kid that turned out to be the internet-famous "Premier". That took me down to 2200 and I started planning the rest of my evening. But the very next hand, a very aggressive player with a big stack raised on the button and I pushed with JJ. He was priced in with QT and I doubled up. Back to 4500 again. Then one orbit later, the same player raised my blind, I defended with AJ, check-raised all-in on the JTx flop, he called with Q9 and missed. Wow, all of a sudden I'm up to over 9k! With the poker gods smiling on me again, I renewed my vow to play good. I should have vowed to play g00t, though. The next orbit, the same guy raises my blind to 700. I call with KcQc from the small blind. The flop comes JcTc8d. I kind of have a brain fart and bet 1500, which is way too much. He raises to 3500 and I push. He hems and haws and calls with Ad9h. I miss everything and I'm out. Boo.
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