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WSOP Event #27 - $1500 NLHE

My starting table was quite a bit tougher than the typical starting table I've had for a small buy-in NLHE event. There was only one guy trying really hard to gift away his chips, and most of the pots were raised preflop and either heads-up or 3-handed. This is compared to most of my starting tables where it's raised in the early levels less than half the time, and pots are often 5- or 6-handed, and people just do incredibly stupid shit postflop.

Here is one such dumb hand played by the one terrible player. There is a raise preflop and it is 3-handed to the flop. The flop is Q74 all diamonds. I don't remember the specific action but I think it goes check to the bad player in middle position, he bets, player immediately behind raises, blind folds, and bad player calls. The turn is a dud and it goes check-bet call. The river is a 4. Bad player checks, later player bets some amount, bad player check-raises him all-in. Later player is shaking his head, saying stuff like "guess you flopped a set of sevens huh? Oh well, I call." Bad player says, "you got a flush?" and turns over Q8 or something retarded. Later player had AdTd of course. I took note of this hand because it was kind of reminiscent of my blunder with the king of diamonds from Sunday. Putting aside previous street action, the situation is similar in that both me and this guy made raises where just calling is incredibly blindingly obviously the correct play. At least I have the excuse that I misread my hand; this guy had full knowledge of what he was doing.

Not that I exactly played fantastic today. I did do well to get up to 5000 without any major incidents (I did dodge a 14-outer with one to come from a short stack for a decent pot), but everything went to complete shit after the second break. Here are the five hands I play in the 100-200/25 level:

#1: BB is not present. I pick up AQ utg and raise. Everyone folds. I show.

#2: Folded to a young woman on the button. She's new to the table. She's pretty cute. She's actually cuter because on the first hand, a short stack went all-in for 625 on her BB and she called the 425 more with 62o. Anyway she raises to 600. SB is still not there, I call with Ks3s. Flop AK6 with one spade. I check, she bets 500, I call. Turn is an 8. Check-check. River a K. I bet 500, she folds.

#3: 3utg is a new player at the table with lots of chips, and he raises to 600. I cold-call three spots later with AQ. Everyone else folds. The flop comes AT3 with two diamonds. He bets 700 and I call. The turn is an 8d. He bets 1000 and I call. The river is a J. He bets 1000 and I...fold? I really should have called here, even though there's not a lot of hands he can have that I can beat.

#4: I make it 500 with 77. I was going to make it 600 but at the very last second I got this tell from one of the guys on my left that they liked their hand, so I dropped one less chip in. Anyway that guy thinks about it for a while then decides to let it go. Folds around to a later position player who makes it 1500. We'd tangled a couple times in smaller pots (where I'd gotten the best of it) but I hadn't seen him show down a hand yet. He has 1000 left after making the raise. I decide to call. Flop comes K33. I put him in, he has AK and of course calls.

#5: Down to 2600. Folded to the same guy from hand #3. He open-limps 2-off. SB completes. I am in the BB with TT. I raise to 800. He thinks and calls, SB folds. Flop A83 with two diaonds. I check, he puts me in, I call, he has AJ. What a weird spot. I ask Bill and Jerrod about this hand and they both said I should have jammed preflop, and it's not close.


My schedule is going to be pretty full this week. Here's how the WSOP schedule looks:

Wednesday: 5k stud, 2k PLHE
Thursday: 5k 6-max NLHE
Friday: 2k NLHE
Saturday: 5k PLHE, 1500 razzz
Sunday: 1k NLHE w/rebuys

The least interesting of those is the 2k NLHE on Friday, but I'm already bought into that with W$. I'm also bought into tomorrow with W$. The 5k 6-max I definitely want to play, and same with the 5k PLHE. And the 1k with rebuys will probably have the highest ev per dollar invested. So...guess it's gonna be a lot of poker this week. The good news is that with so many tournaments I'm bound to eventually play one of them well. :)
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