terrencechan (terrencechan) wrote,

Busted in 8th

This update comes from borrowing a staffer's computer at the PokerStars suite, so I'll try to make it quick.

If you were watching on PokerWire or CardPlayer or whatever, you already know the gory details. This is the full story of my day, some six hands of it:

1. I raise 3utg with AT. Anthony calls from the BB. It comes 985 with two diamonds. He bets and I fold. He shows 9d7d.

2. Anthony raises from the cutoff. Corey calls from the SB. I call from the BB with KQ. Flop comes down Q85. We check it around. The turn comes a K, a second heart. Corey checks, I bet 30k, they both fold.

3. I raise to 36000 with AQ. Justin moves all-in for ~210k more. I call. He has 75 and the flop comes 975. I'm down to 240k or so. Sucks, but still in contention.

4. I raise 2utg with AT. Tri Ma moves all-in. I fold.

5. Matusow opens for 33000 from the cutoff. Anthony calls. I call from the BB with 44. The flop comes Q85. I check, Mike checks, Anthony bets, and we both fold. Down to about 120k.

6. Anthony limps utg, Corey limps, I move all-in with AK, Anthony calls, Corey folds. Anthony shows 44 and this time the four flops. I'm done in 8th.


I'm disappointed, but not totally bummed. All day yesterday, almost nothing bad happened to me. Today nothing good happened to me. That's all it takes. It wasn't my day, and I accept that.

Maybe more thoughts later on making the final table, busting out to a bad beat, etc.
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