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WSOP Event #6 - $2000 NLHE

Full table NL is *boring*!!!

This event is probably much higher in ev than yesterday's event, but much lower in fun. 6-handed you get to play so many hands. Not just because you can play looser opening, but there is never an "early" position raise or limp that you might have to respect. But the field is definitely softer.

Short day, not much of significance.

25-25: First hand of the day. MP limps, button raises to 125. Button is an about 40ish lady that seems pleasant, talks about how this is her first event, she's been trying some satellites, etc. Limper calls. Flop KJ7 rainbow. Limper checks, button bets 250, limper calls. Turn A, the second diamond on board. Limper checks, button bets 250, limper calls. River is a 3d. Limper bets out ~800, button calls. Limper shows 8d7d. Lady on button freaks out, calling him an idiot, called with just one diamond on the flop, etc. She continues to berate him via the dealer: "Tony, you can't do that, you can't reward the shitty players like that. Calling with one diamond." No one at the table feels compelled to point out the flopped pair of sevens until a few hands later.

25-25: Five hands later. "Lady" moves all-in for 625 with AJ. Button calls with AK. Nothing comes. We are sad to see her go.

25-25: I raise from early-mid to 75 with 8c7c. Button calls, one of the blinds calls. Flop 976 rainbow (one club). Blind checks, I bet 125, button raises to 425, blind folds. I consider a push but decide to call. Turn is a 2. I check, he bets 400, I call. River is a 5. I bet 625, he calls, showing JJ as he mucks.

25-50: One limper (the woman's nemesis from hand 1) and I raise to 200 with QQ. He calls. Flop comes 997. He checks, I bet 300. He calls. Turn is a J. He checks, I bet 500, he raises to 1000. I call. River is a blank, he bets 1100, I call, he shows J9.

At the break, I make a $10 last-longer with Matt H. He has me outchipped by a quarter.

50-100: I open-raise on button to 250 with 9h7h. BB calls. Flop comes QT8 with two hearts. He checks, I bet all-in for my 900, he calls with Q6, I miss everything. I walk over to Matt's table to pay him off and he moves all-in on the first hand. Two people are up against him. But Matt turns over KK and triples through, thereby validating my reckless play on the bustout hand.
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