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I'm not going to detail all the major hands of the day; it was shorthanded so I was playing a lot of hands. I'm not going to do it tomorrow either since I'm playing the $2000 NL. So, here's just the significant hands:

50-100: John Gale makes it 300, I make it 800 with QQ, he puts me in for 2k more, I call, he shows 88, I win.

50-100: I raise to 250 on button with QJ, SB makes it 750 total, I call. Flop comes T9x; he bets 1100, I move in for 2300 total, he calls with A7, I hit a king on the turn.

150-300/25: I have about 22k. Guy on my immediate left has something close to that. I make it 1000 from cutoff with Ks5s. Button cold-calls, both blinds call. Flop comes A93 two spades. I bet 2000, button calls. Turn 8. I bet 4000, he calls again. River Q. I bet 6000, he folds. Phew!

150-300/25: Last hand before dinner. utg who used to have a ton of chips but has spewed remarkably and clearly does not want to make it to the dinner break with his 8k stack makes it 800. I make it 2100 with AQ. All fold and he shoves. I call, he turns over A9, I win.

200-400/50: All goes bad after the dinner break. I lose small pot (I raise preflop with QQ, continuation bet a K-high flop, we check rest of the way and he wins with KQ) to Negreanu. Down to about 35k or so. Then I play the huge pot. Folded to SB who makes it 1200. I call with 8d7d. Flop AJ7 with two diamonds. He bets 2000, I make it 6500, he shoves for a total of about 28k, I call. He has AQ and wins the race. Down to 7k.

300-600/50: I've moved all-in a few times with the bubble nearing and work it up to 9k. Bubble breaks. I jam again from cutoff with A8. SB calls with KQ, hits a queen. We both make a flush but his is with the Q and mine with the 8.

Disappointing, but oh well, very happy overall with my play.
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