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follow me as I play poker and look for new ways to get punched in the face

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There are two people walking away from the camera just across the street.

Your assingment, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the blackboard and stand with Bart to write, "There is deserted and then there is completely deserted."

Man, and I thought I was nit-picky.

Good Series

I am not a huge Hockey fan but have gotten into the games mostly because my son loves them. I am a Bruins fan by birth. Have been really enjoying the games. Hope it goes down to a game seven. Sorry if the fans in Boston have been aholes. I really hate that kind of crap.

They don't call them/us Massholes for nothing. Boston is a fanatic sports city. It doesn't really matter what team it is, they go crazy. That's why the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is so big.

You are spot on about pro sports teams. I grew up in Michigan and am a fan of all the associated teams, regardless of makeup or turnover. I too grew up supporting hopeless cellar dwelling teams (the Tigers & Lions)and remember oh so well the 1968 Tigers/Cardinals World Series. I was stationed in Germany and had to stay up all night to listen to the games on the Armed Forces network. I would have given a lot to be back home cheering in the local bar as our boys finally won. Good luck to your Canucks!

I live in Boston, and though I love the town dearly, sad to say, I think you were entirely correct in your choice. There's no excuse for the way Boston fans treat the other team's supporters. I wish there were some explanation other than "sometimes, people are jerks."

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