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Stanley Cup finals in Boston and the WSOP
I'm in Vegas, where I've been for about the last 30 hours. Before that, I was in Boston. You can kinda guess how that went. Game 3 was particularly bad. Fans were abusive and obnoxious throughout the game. I expect a lot of heckling and I actually love the fun abuse, but a great deal of Boston fans were over the line. There was a lot of shoving, throwing of beer, threats of personal violence, and stuff like that. Security was really inept/unwilling to do anything. And of course, I paid $800 to watch my team get shelled. Game 4 was just as bad hockey-wise, but they stepped up the security in a big way and people for whatever reason were just not being jerks. It also helped that I was in the same section as a lot of Canuck fans/sympathizers including Steve Nash and his girlfriend, who sat next to me, as well as a lot of members of Roberto Luongo's extended family. The Green Men were also in the adjacent section, which also led to beefed up security. Overall though, the trip was just a tremendous bust.

My plan was to come back to Vancouver for Game 5, but my retarded self left my passport in Vegas, so I just finished watching it at the Emeril Lagasse Stadium at the Palazzo. Since I am here I'll probably play the $2500 6-max tomorrow, since the only way I can miss Game 6 would be by final tabling it. I'm about 50-50 on going to Boston. The money and even the two previous blowouts aren't really an issue, but the potential for violence if Vancouver wins (or even if Vancouver loses), is. In Game 4 we resolved this by basically parking inside the arena building and getting in the car immediately, so this might work.

Most Canucks fans are obviously hoping really hard that there isn't a Game 7. I am really hoping there isn't: the 10k limit hold'em is that day. If you're reading this, you probably know what I plan to do in the event of that conflict.

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I say go against the grain and be there if Nucks ship the cup in Boston. If I had the scratch nothing would be better than watching Boston lose @ home. But Bruins are 12-1 in goals at home...eek! gl and hf if you go.

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