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back in the USA
This post comes to you from Las Vegas, where I finished Day 1 of the $5000 NL hold'em (with not nearly as many chips as I'd like). As I announced on this week's 2+2 Pokercast, I was approved for a visa into the United States and will be attending the 2011 World Series of Poker (but most of it after the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, of course).

I was still quite adamant up to a couple months ago that I would not be returning to the U.S. A number of people did advise me, upon seeing me in person in Australia, that I should see a lawyer "just in case". It was an argument that did make sense. It didn't help that my WSOP housemates started copying me on house related e-mails in February. So I decided to contact one of the lawyers who posted on my blog after the initial denial. I chose Cory Caouette of bsis.com and he turned out to be fantastic and if you find yourself needing visa help for the US, I recommend that you get in touch with him via his website. Getting the visa was some amount of paperwork and hassle, but once at the consulate's office the person assisting me was courteous and professional. I was approved three days after my appointment.

Ultimately the decision to return to the U.S. was not really one of poker (or even hockey). It's one of friendship. While it'd have been nice to see my American friends all over the world, that wasn't happening, and the weeks that I spend at the WSOP in our house are without question the best weeks out of my year. It's not about the WSOP, it's about the friends and good times. If the WSOP were held in any other country -- or if it ceased to exist altogether, but the same group of people were forced by some circumstance to meet somewhere in the world for seven weeks -- I'm quite sure that I'd still have no desire to come to the U.S. But the camaraderie is something that was too much for me to give up after all. I'm sure I will get some people calling my a hypocrite or smugly cashing in their "I told you so"s. But that's fine; perhaps I deserve them. But depriving myself of my own enjoyment just to avoid those slings and arrows would be pretty silly.

As for my plans going forward: I'm only in Vegas for a couple days. As mentioned, I'm still in the 5k NL (but barely). The current plan is to be back in Vancouver for game 2, and travelling to the US again on Sunday -- this time for Games 3+4 in Boston. I figure if this whole thing about ending the U.S. boycott is about good times and memorable experiences, it should certainly be about watching the Canucks win their first-ever Stanley Cup!

So, I'm back. Now that my ever-so-principled stand has come to an end, I guess I had better make the most of it. Time to run good and cheer loud.
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Good luck to both you and the Canucks, and welcome back.

I'll be playing in the $2500 Limit six-max (if I'm out of the $1500 HORSE in time to play it). Hope I'll see you at the final table, but not before.

minor flaw in your argument

Bruins winning in 6, even given the inexplicable non-suspension of the biter.

Welcome back.


You have a room at the Jersey Shore any time you want. And the kitties would LOVE to see you!!

Best of luck at the WSOP.

That Vegas's is on my mi-mi-mi-mi-mind

I don't think any of your huge "base of the pyramid" principles were at stake here, Terrence. Some random clueless Customs and Border Patrol people wouldn't let you in. That's not an indictment of the entire CBP agency and certainly not of the entire U.S. government or the American people as a whole.

We've certainly got our issues but I would like to believe that your experience with a "courteous and professional" staffer at the consulate was more typical than what you encountered en passant at the border.

Bottom line: I'm delighted you're back, if only briefly. I'm sure your WSOP house community is ecstatic.

Regards, Lee

could you expand on what kind of visa you applied for and what the requirements were as a poker player? i was recently denied entry myself for basically the same reasons. i was told the same thing - next time i cross i have to bring proof of ties to canada. i have little "proof" as i don't own property (or even have a long term lease) and am hesitant to even attempt to enter at the moment having read your story. if you could expand here or e-mail me at stinkypetes .at sign. gmail.com i'd greatly appreciate it

it was a "B" tourist visa.

As I wrote above, if you are having troubles, you should contact Cory using the link I mentioned in the post. I'm sure the details of your situation are at least slightly different than mine, so you want a pro, not some guy who used a pro.

Good luck to you...not the Canucks

Hey Terrence,
Long time no chat. Glad to see you're back in the states for the WSOP. I hope your stay in the U.S. brings good times and memorable experiences...in the form of winning a few bracelets, not a Canucks Stanley Cup. GO BRUINS!!!!


Go Canucks Go


Actually saw you were at the game tonight - was with the guy in the Bruno costume.

Hopefully you still being here means you made it further in the event than anticipated.

Have a great series and go Canucks go!

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuon go

how those twelve goals taste? Go B's!

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