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I got in a fight on Sunday
Video here, more detailed play-by-play (as I remembered it on Sunday) on my fight blog.

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Congrats, fun to watch. Now do the same in Vegas, both in training and at the tables!

I was wondering if he got jumped at the Rio

Sorry to post off-topic, but I don't have a better way to contact you. My friend/roommate got denied entry at the border, and isn't sure what sort of documentation he's supposed to bring. He applied for a notice of assessment, but it hasn't processed, and he wants to be in Vegas for the WSOP. What did you do to resolve your issue? Any tips?

Also, nice submission.

oops, I missed this post; I imagine you have seen my subsequent one. There's a very good chance your friend is effed. But just have him bring everything: utility bills, internet bills, property ownership or rental contract, pay stubs, and a return ticket. Can't say he'll be treated any better than I was when I got the same treatment, though.

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