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$10000 World Championship of No-Limit Hold'em, Day 2
Well, today was a frustrating day. I finished the day with 66,900, which is 175 chips fewer than I started the day with, ugh. I almost had a great end to the day, on this hand which was reported by PokerNews:

Chan Takes One on the Chin

Terrence "Not Johnny" Chan raised to 2,500 from the hijack seat, Dean Bobel called from the button, and the big blind came along, too. The flop came {7-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{J-Hearts}. Chan continued with a bet of 4,000, Bobel called, and the big blind skedaddled.

The turn was the {2-Clubs}. Chan deliberated a bit, then tossed out a bet of 7,000. Bobel studied the board, then counted out 7,000 chips. He looked at what he would have remaining should he call -- 19,300 -- then finally declared he was all in.

Chan winced at Bobel's declaration. As Chan considered what to do, the announcement came over the public address system for the spectators to begin clearing the Amazon Room. Chan counted out the necessary chips to call, then finally tossed them forward.

It was a good call -- Chan had {A-Clubs}{J-Spades} and Bobel {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. But good calls aren't always rewarded. As demonstrated by the {8-Spades} that came on the river, giving Bobel trips and the hand.

Chan still has about 72,000 after that one. Meanwhile, Bobel survives with a stack of 66,000.

I really would have preferred to end the day with over 135k.

I actually would have been okay with ending the day with around 100k (what I had before that hand), given how tough the table was. By dinner, every player at the table was solid or strong. A ton of hands were getting 3-bet preflop and people were calling down thin. It was by normal tournament standards a fairly tough table, but for a Day 2 of the main event table, it was horrendous. I heard stories from everyone all day about spewy, ghastly, chip-burning play, but after the first level of the day, not one hand was turned over where I said, "wow, that was truly awful."

With my current chip stack, I am looking like a solid favourite to hit the parlay of bubbling the money in Day 4 and also missing UFC 100 (which I already have awesome tickets for).

I suppose the good news is that I survived a relatively tough table and that may Day 3 draw certainly has to be better. I will be at Brasilia 195, Seat 7 on Friday. Good luck to everyone who is still in (which is, obviously, a fuckton of people).
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Bird, John 148.3 BR195 1
Kamer, Russell 71,500 BR195 2
Kieler, Bjorn 124.6 BR195 3
Kurtz, Matt 89,200 BR195 4
Razi, Babak 62.5 BR195 5
Krescanko, Mike 85,800 BR195 6
Chan, Terrence 66.9 BR195 7
Giannetti, Matt 31,300 BR195 8
Crabtree, Donald 101.6 BR195 9

Ugh, definitely a beat to have Hazards on my left.


Did you really "wince" at "Bobel's declaration" or is PokerNews just being overly dramatic?

I certainly wasn't happy. I'd much prefer it if he just called and called my river shove.

Even I know you played that hand perfectly. Good luck the rest of the way.

There's going to be quite a few ups and downs before you finally get that bracelet on your wrist...but we have faith...it's your time.

Great call you made. Other player just wanted to go all in so he could miracle a double up, because there was no need for him to come back the next day that short.

Gavin Griffin was my instructor at the WSOP ACademy last April. He's one cool dude and great instructor. Tell him I said hello and wish you guys great luck in the future on the felt.

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