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On the Twit-wagon...reluctantly
I now have a Twitter account that I plan to use for the duration of the WSOP. You can follow me at http://twitter.com/tchanpoker

I'm not proud of it. I really dislike Twitter. I intend to discontinue my Twitter account at the conclusion of the WSOP.

My reasons for hating Twitter are a bit elitist. I dislike its very nature. The idea that you have a 140-character maximum is lauded as a benefit: that people can get short and sweet to-the-point updates. This is exactly what I dislike about it; that is, the incredible ease with which Twitter enables the dumbing-down of the internet. I hate that people who I know are good writers and capable of coherent, intelligent thought instead choose to Twitter about whatever banal shit they're doing right now. In general, I don't care what you're doing right now. I don't care whether you're having a frappucino at Starbucks or what wine you're having at Nobu. I do want to read about what interesting things you might have done or plan to do, or your thoughts on politics, religion, economics, sports, art, science, personal relationships or even poker. None of these things can be represented well in 140 characters. There are very few thoughtful opinions you can express in 140 characters. Yet that does not stop legions of Twitterheads from posting absolute crap. If you look at the average Twitter user's page, it manages to look less coherent than your average YouTube video comments, and that's saying a lot.

As for me, I do not intend to post banalities on Twitter. I do not insult the intelligence of people by assuming that they care what I'm eating for dinner or who I'm eating it with. I will not be posting about prop bets. Nor will I Twitter about being at the club, and I sure as hell won't Twitter that some B-list celebrity is within a 30-foot radius of me (omg!). To be honest, if I could un-invent any recent internet technology, it would be Twitter. I consider Twittering about every trivial aspect of your life akin to masturbating to a picture of yourself.

That said, Twitter seems like a brilliant tool for posting hand and chip count updates for large tournament fields in the WSOP, where the ratio of news (using the word loosely) to the manpower required to cover said news is very high. I don't have internet access on my phone, so for me, this will be the only way I can post real-time updates from the WSOP. But I only plan to post about hands and chip counts and things actually related to the poker. No bullshit.

As always, I will continue to blog (either in text or voice) about my tournaments when I bust out of them or finish a day of play. Twitter absolutely will not replace LiveJournal, at least for me. Indeed, it is perhaps because I believe strongly in the blogging medium that I despise Twitter and its brainlessness so much.

Read long messages! God forbid!

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You make a really good point about Twitter - even though the idea is interesting, the people (myself included) don't have a lot of interesting things to say. In the end, you have a jumbled page of incoherant thoughts, and no way to tie those thoughts together.

I don't know why I'm into it...I guess I like the convenience of having a place to microblog that isn't my LJ. Why waste an entry if my post is going to be a line long? I can take that line and put it on Twitter. Thus, the jumble of thoughts! :D

I hate Twitter. I hope the Twitter "tl;dr" generation isn't expecting me to write a statistics textbook that consists entirely of blurbs of <140 characters, because I'm not doing it.

(That response was too long for Twitter!)

A-freaking-men. The trend towards sound bytes, tweets, and those ridiculous cut shots in movies and TV just serves to further shorten the attention span of a lot of people. Nothing wrong with some depth.

Twitter has some applications, such as what you're using it for.

The famous Kogi truck in LA uses Twitter to update people on its whereabouts.

You can get LAFD alerts, news, and other such good stuff on Twitter as well.

I use it to promote Seal Beach Animal Care Center by posting pictures of adoptable animals and notifying my followers when we have a bake sale or other fundraiser.

I don't really disagree with you on most of your points, and I do tweet about pointless shit sometimes, but I wouldn't UNINVENT Twitter. It definitely has its uses.

Ugh. Twitter.

(This is going to be a podcast topic this weekend, so I am avoiding reading the rest or watching the vid.)


LOL - Can you at least add an avatar to your Twitter account?? I will enjoy reading your updates even if you hate Twitter! - I started reading your journal when you went to Spring Mountain Motorsports a few years back (I'm affiliated with them - glad you had a great time! You should go back!) and continued reading because I enjoy your style of writing and all your poker adventures!

best 108 characters ever

"I consider Twittering about every trivial aspect of your life akin to masturbating to a picture of yourself."

Twitter is a horrible blogging tool.

Twitter is, however, an useful medium in its own right. I'd describe it as a multicast instant messenger, or as a chatroom service with the set-of-cliques communication graph replaced with a generalized digraph. The fact that the IM/chat messages are archived on the web is a useful additional feature, but not central to the service.

For what it's worth, a couple of years ago when I set up a bunch of friends at WSOP with UPOC accounts and we used it to coordinate dinners and such, I strongly considered using Twitter instead - UPOC is basically chatrooms over SMS, while Twitter has that more flexible structure - but at the time Twitter was having server load issues, and the potential for lagged and dropped messages seemed to outweigh the benefits. If I were doing it this year, I'd use Twitter.

I haven't really had a use for Twitter, as there's only a very small set of people I want to communicate with in short messages on a daily basis, and one-to-one IM or SMS conversations work well for that. This may change during WSOP - but if I do use Twitter during WSOP, I promise that it will *only* be for trivial and ephemeral bullshit, as that's what it's good for. If I want to blog, I'll use LJ.

Incidentally, you say that your only way of posting realtime updates from WSOP is via Twitter because you don't have internet access from your phone... but you can update LJ via text messages, in much the same way you'd update Twitter. See the FAQ and command list.

(Deleted comment)
I hope you install the thing that batches up tweets and posts them as a single entry to LJ like some people do, so I don't have to look at Twitter to follow your tournament status :-)

Once you have those kids you'll only have time for 140 character updates.

WSOP Legal?

Rule 86 & 87 on electronic devices and all that.

People like comparing Twitter to blogging, except tiny. I think of it more like an IM service which holds messages for you and is better at actually reaching people than something which is bound only to a computer.

Also, the best advice I've ever gotten for not having a boring Twitter: don't tweet about what you're doing, tweet about what you're thinking. That's what actual conversations are made of.

Just my 2c.

So after all that... You be twittering in the main event D/J :D
Don't disagree with Terrence at all, but been very good to follow you bud.


Men do not twitter. Twittering is for tween girls to talk about the mall and the latest shoes that they must have.

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